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Jessica Alba: Too Pretty to Get a Traffic Ticket?

One of Hollywood’s sexiest Jessica Alba got pulled over today for over speeding by a Beverly Hills traffic enforcer in her GMC Yukon. By the looks of that photo, she is trying very hard to look like a little muffin that’s too sweet to get reprimanded by the law—and it worked. She was let go with a warning instead of a gleaming ticket. The conversation must have gone something like this: “Excuse me ma’am but you missed… holy sh*t! You’re Jessica Alba!”; to which she answered “That’s right, (enter wide, pretty smile)”.

jessica alba getting a ticket in her gmc yukon
Source: X17online

Girl Next Door In The Car Next Door

This celeb can play the girl next door like non other and apparently she does for that look all the way down to her ride. Check out who it is after the jump, you might be surprised.

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