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Jessica Alba in a BMW M3

From the archives but a goodie. Jessica Alba rocking a E46 BMW M3.

Jessica Alba M3

Jessica Alba Gasses Up

She’s just like us…  Jessica Alba was seen gassing up her GMC Yukon.

Jessica Alba gasses up her GMC Yukon.

Celebrity Taxi Report: Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba did her best Victoria Beckham snob-the-fans vibe as he stepped out of a Mercedes-Benz airport taxi. We still can’t wait for Jess to step out in a sleek convertible, or sports car. We’re so used to seeing her in big cars (just like her GMC Yukon).

jessica alba taxi

Jessica Alba and Hubby Run Over a Pap in a BMW 5 Series

Jessica Alba and husband Cash Warren are the latest Hollywood stars to injure a paparazzi by running over a photo g’s foot with their BMW 5 Series. Unlike other d-bags (hello, Paris Hilton) who speed off after accidentally running one, Cash and Jess politely stepped out to give their information to the poor guy. Owning a stunning car comes with huge responsibility and the couple sure knows it!

Jessica Alba & Cash Warren in BMW 5 Series

Paparazzi Run Over By BMW 5 Series

Jessica Alba Hits Kid’s Party Town in Her GMC Yukon

Jessica Alba was seen taking her daughter to a birthday party in Hollywood using her GMC Yukon.  A lot of stars have been doing their birthday party runs, just recently we saw Brad Pitt and Zahara in their Ford Explorer, and Gwen Stefani’s Range Rover hitting every kid’s birthday party in A-list town.

Jessica Alba GMC Yukon

Source: X17 Online

Source: X17 Online