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Ryan Sheckler’s Jeep Wrangler Unlimitted

Last time we brought up Ryan Sheckler’s custom DUB built Jeep we only had fuzzy screen shots from MTV but we are back with more.

Ryan Sheckler's Custom DUB Built Jeep

Ryan Sheckler's Custom DUB Built Jeep Rear End

I’m digging the custom painted rims!
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Justin Timberlake Does it Like Ryan Sheckler – White Jeep Wrangler

Okay, they aren’t exactly the same but I’ve got to give it up to Justin Timberlake for rocking the White Jeep Wrangler. So as it appears, JT has parked the Bentley in the back while he stretches the legs of his jacked up SUV toy. Check him out dropping it off at the valet drop.

Justin Timberlake's White Jeep Wrangler

Justin Timberlake looks out of his White Jeep Wrangler

Five bucks says the valet stole more then a piece of gum from JT’s Jeep.

Ryan Sheckler’s All White Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

We all know that Ryan Sheckler is one great skateboarder but who would have known that he could have such amazing style when it comes to his rides. To date, we have covered Sheckler’s Range Rover and Sheckler’s new Mercedes Benz, but we never dropped in on some of his white whips.

So here you go, Ryan Sheckler’s Jeep Wrangler Unlimited done up in all white by DUB magazine and crew.

Ryan Sheckler's All-White Jeep Wrangler Unlimited