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Jay Leno – Something About This Car Seduces You

Jay is featuring the 2011 Aston Martin Vantage V12.  This car is sick.  It’s the ultimate Celebrity Car.  So who will be the first celebrity to hop out in one?

Coming Soon to Jay Leno’s Garage: Pebble Beach Bat Car

Jay Leno’s garage is definitely expanding with its newest resident, a Pebble Beach Bat Car coming on October 22nd. The much-awaited arrival is posted on his website and the famous TV host couldn’t wait to get his hands on the wheel.

Jay Leno Bat Car

Jay Leno Gets His BMW Hydrogen 7

Will Ferrell was the first customer to receive a BMW Hydrogen 7, the latest uber eco-friendly vehicle from BMW but just this week, BMW handed out their second one of these to none other then car enthusiast number one, Jay Leno.

Jay Leno's BMW Hydrogen 7

Jay Leno in his Ariel Atom

Looks like Jay got some seat time last week in his awesome Ariel Atom.

Jay Leno's Ariel Atom

And here is the paparazzi giving him a hard time while they stalk the Beckhams near Jay’s house.

Jay Leno in his Ariel Atom Up Close