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Jay Leno Shows Up To The Polls In His McLaren

Jay Leno rolled up to a polling station in his McLaren MP4-12C yesterday to cast his vote.

Only in Beverly Hills!

Jay Leno McLaren

Celebrity Cars Go For Record Amounts At Pebble Beach

When you think of a Fiat 500 the last thing that comes to mind is six figures but when you’re auctioning Jay Leno’s Fiat at Pebble Beach anything can happen — and that’s exactly how it went. Jay Leno’s Fiat 500 Prima Edizione went for a record-breaking $385,000 — ten times it’s expected value.

Other celebrity cars at Pebble Beach included Steve McQueen’s 1968 Ford GT40 Gulf/Mirage Coupe that sold for $11,000,000, Andy Warhol’s 1955 Ferrari 857 Sport, George Clooney’s first-edition black Tesla Roadster, and the top-seller of the year, the legendary Baroness Von Krieger’s 1936 Mercedes-Benz 540K Special Roadster that went for a whopping $11,770,000!

Jay Leno Fiat 500

George Clooney Tesla Roadster

The First Celebrity Car Built by Hennessey Performance

John Hennessey was recently on The Smoking Tire podcast so I thought I would call in and ask who the first celebrity was that Hennessey built a car for. (Click here to listen to the full podcast)   Turns out it was none other than Jay Leno who had a Viper. I’m not sure exactly which Viper it was that Jay sent to Hennessey but I’m guessing it might have been this 1996 Viper GTS.

Also there is a great video after the jump of Leno Touring the Viper build factory while his car was being built and aside from a little less grey hair he looks about the same, t-shirt and all!

Jay Leno Viper GTS

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Jay Leno Gets Around Town In His Fiat Botafogo Special

Jay Leno was spotted driving his 1917 Fiat Botafogo Special on the streets of Los Angeles this weekend. Check out the video below and hear what Jay has to say about the car and it’s WW1 aircraft engine.

Jay Leno Botafogo Special


Jay Leno Fills Up His V12 Jaguar XKE

Jay Leno made a pit stop at an L.A. gas station to fill up his V12 Jaguar XKE this weekend.

Jay Leno Jaguar XKE

jay leno v12 jaguar xke