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Kate Middleton Rides In A Jaguar Supersport

A very royal looking Kate Middleton took the time to wave for the cameras as she stepped out of a Jaguar XJ Supersport.

Kate Middleton Jaguar XJ Supersport

Jessica Szohr Shows Some Leg In A Jaguar


“Gossip Girl” actress Jessica Szohr showed some serious leg as she posed for the camera in a Jaguar XJ at the Jaguar Driving Experience in Miami recently.

Jessica Szohr Jaguar XJ

















Jessica Szohr Jaguar XF



















Elle Macpherson Does A School Drop Off In Her Jaguar

Supermodel Elle Macpherson was spotted dropping her son off at school in her Jaguar XJ L.

Elle MacPherson Jaguar XJ

I guess when your moms a supermodel and drops you off in a Jaguar XJ L it’s not quite as embarrassing to get the “have a good day” kiss in front of all your classmates.

Elle Macpherson Jaguar XJ

Elle Macpherson Matches Her Jaguar

Elle Macpherson is a well know model, actress, businesswoman and now the owner of a Jaguar XJ. There’s just no way around it, she’s hot and so is the car.

Together it’s a match made in heaven. Would you agree? Elle MacPherson Jaguar XJ

Victoria’s Waiting Shed: Her Jaguar

That’s Victoria Beckham looking over her boys from her Jaguar. Who says you need to sit down the parents’ bench when you have a sleek Jaguar as your waiting shed? She should write a book called Posh Parenting: Watching Your Kids Skate In the Comfort of a Luxury Car.

Victoria Beckham in a Jaguar