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David Beckham Rides Shotgun In A Jaguar

David Beckham was spotted visiting a school in England recently and jumping into the passenger seat of a black Jaguar XF.

David Beckham Jaguar

David Beckham Jaguar XF


Dick Van Dyke Grabs Groceries In His Jaguar

Legendary actor Dick Van Dyke was recently spotted loading groceries into his Jaguar XJ in Malibu. Is this what you’d expect Dick Van Dyke to be driving as a daily?

Dick Van Dyke Jaguar

Jay Leno Fills Up His V12 Jaguar XKE

Jay Leno made a pit stop at an L.A. gas station to fill up his V12 Jaguar XKE this weekend.

Jay Leno Jaguar XKE

jay leno v12 jaguar xke

Kristin Davis Runs Around In Her Jaguar

Kristin Davis was busy chatting on her cell phone as she stepped out of her black Jaguar XF recently.

Kristin Davis Jaguar
















Kristin Davis Jaguar XF

Alanis Morissette Heads To Lunch In Her Jaguar

When we think Alanis Morissette we think hybrid — guess we were wrong. Alanis was spotted leaving lunch with a friend in her Jaguar XJ. Would you have pictured Alanis Morissette with a Jaguar?

Alanis Morissette Jaguar











Alanis Morissette Jaguar XJ