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Harrison Ford Cruises In A Classic

Harrison Ford spent the weekend cruising around in his classic Jaguar XK140. This is the first time we've spotted Harrison Ford driving around before and while this is a beautiful ride it can't be his only car so if you see him driving in anything else send a tip!

Harrison Ford Jaguar XK140

Jonathan Cheban Picks Up A New Jaguar

Usually Jonathan Cheban's Instagram feed just shows what he's eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but yesterday he posted a photo of his new Jaguar XJ with the caption, "Just got my new Jaguar for the Hamptons".

Jonathan Cheban Jaguar

Shout out to Dean for the tip!

Miranda Kerr Runs Around In A New Ride

Miranda Kerr has really been breaking away from her Audi love recently -- first we spot her in a Prius and now a Jaguar. Miranda and her son were running around Los Angeles yesterday in a new Jaguar XJL. What do you like more -- the XJ or her Audi A8?

Miranda Kerr Jaguar

Dick Van Dyke’s Jaguar Needs A Little TLC

Dick Van Dyke had a fender bender in the grocery store parking lot over the weekend and he didn't look too happy about it. We be pretty upset too!

Dick Van Dyke Jaguar XJL Dick Van Dyke Jaguar

Britney Spears Picks Up A New Jaguar XK

Britney Spears has been spotted driving around in a new white Jaguar XK convertible recently. What do you think of the XK? Would you buy one if you had 80-100k or would you go for something else? We can think of quite a few other rides we'd go for over the Jag.

Britney Spears Jaguar XK

Britney Spears Jaguar

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