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Isla Fisher With Her Lexus

Sweetheart actress Isla Fisher found herself in an awkward situation while trying to get into the backseat of her Lexus SUV the other day. Maybe next time she’ll park a little further away from the concrete wall?

Isla Fisher Lexus

Lexus : The Official “Babe” Ride

The Malibu Barbie Car-esque look of the Lexus makes it a top choice for babes, and guess which Hollywood blossoming beauties have this beauty in their garages. Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively, actress Isla Fisher and uber-hot vamp Mila Kunis all drive one. Whoa, Lexus should be proud of this feat!

Mila Kunis is seen gassing up her Lexus-SC-430G

Blake Lively in her Lexus

Blake Lively in her Lexus

Isla Fisher walk past her luscious Lexus