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Seeing Double: Ice T’s Rolls Royce

No, you’re not seeing double. This is just what it looks like when your neighbor buys the exact same car in the exact same color and parks it directly next to your car. Awkward? Maybe. Either way, Ice T’s Rolls Royce Ghost has a buddy now.

Ice T Rolls Royce

(Photo via Instagram)

Ice-T Rolling In His Aston Martin

What would you say to Ice-T if he rolled up next to you at a stop light in his Aston Martin Vantage?

Ice-T Aston Martin

Source: Photo by Cartmen220 via Flickr (great pic!)

Ice-T’s “Space Shuttle” Fisker

Ice T shared a photo of his new Fisker Karma while it was at the car wash in Vegas this past weekend. According to his caption with the photo he’s calling it the “Space Shuttle”.

Ice T Fisker Karma

Ice T – You Should Have Just Bought a Mercedes SL Black Series

I’m not to going to lie, when I look at Ice T’s Mercedes SL which I haven’seen since it was in the shop getting reworked, I vaguely see a Mercedes SL Black Series but it doesn’t take long to realize this isn’t even close to being a SL Black Series.

I hate to say it but even though I like Ice T, I must say I hate this car.  All that money that went into this car should have just went to the local Mercedes dealer for a SL Black Series.

Ice T Mercedes SL

Ice-T Completes His Bentley Continental GT

Ice-T has finally completed his Bentley Continental GT and he posted this photo on Instagram to show it off with the caption “Car Porn – Finally complete. The ‘Murder One Bentley GT’ Flared and blacked out.”

What do you think of Ice-T’s final product? Too much or just right?

Ice T Bentley