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Ashton Kutcher: Classy Hybrid Guy

Ashton Kutcher recently stepped out of the Lexus LS Hybrid we saw his wife Demi in not too long ago. Since they’re married and all they probably share it. Between the two of them they sure have their fair share of luxury hybrids to go around!

Ashton Kutcher Lexus LS Hybrid



Last Weeks Guess Who – Alyson Hannigan

Last weeks “Guess Who” was Alyson Hannigan loading up the back of her Lexus CT Hybrid.

Alyson Hannigan Lexus CT Hybrid

Alyson Hannigan

Paris Hilton Plays It Cool In Her Hybrid

Why wouldn’t Paris be driving her LFA everyday instead of her Yukon hybrid? I guess if the outfit doesn’t match it stays in the garage…

Paris Hilton Yukon Hybrid

Adrian Grenier: Prius Pack Rat

Who knew Entourage star Adrian Grenier would one, have a Prius and two, have such a messy Prius. It looks like he could have a garage sale out of the back of this thing! Like we’ve said before…it’s time to move on from the Prius Adrian. Entourage fans really don’t want to see you in this thing!

Adrian Grenier Toyota Prius

Jimmy Smits Keeps A Low Profile In His Toyota

Actor Jimmy Smits was spotted filling up his black Toyota Highlander Hybrid at a Los Angeles gas station. We think more celebs should try the Highlander. It really is a good looking hybrid SUV. What do you think?

Jimmy Smits Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Jimmy Smits Toyota Highlander Hybrid