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Demi Moore Does the Prius Good

I don’t know what it is about Demi Moore but she’s the right type of girl for the Prius. We all know she is hot and what she’s been in and she doesn’t try too hard. Too many celebs go for the Prius and you can see right through them, it’s all a look. But Demi… it’s just natural.

Demi Moore's Prius

Paris Gets a New Hybrid, Escalade Hybrid That Is

It’s about time someone gets the picture that to be a tree-hugging hippie you no longer have to get a hybrid, just get a Escalade! Apparently Paris is going all in on the hippie look to support her Escalade Hybrid.

Paris Gets Hybrid Escalade

If you had to drive a hybrid, what would it be?

And who is next to get a hybrid Escalade? My guess is Rob Dyrdek.

Reese Witherspoon Still Burns Gas in Her Hybrid Yukon

Earth to Reese Witherspoon, your ‘hybrid’ GMC Yukno still burns more gas than the average small car. What the hell do you need it for! Please get a smart for two!

Reese Witherspoon Hybrid Yukon