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Courtney Cox’s BMW Hybrid

Courtney Cox was seen in West Hollywood parking a BMW Active Hybrid 7. I think she just topped Demi Moore in her Mercedes S-Class Hybrid.

Courtney Cox BMW Hybrid

Courtney Cox BMW Hybrid

We Love Our Readers – Thank You For The Tony Hawk Lexus Tip

So yesterday we ask our reader if they’ve seen Tony Hawk’s Lexus LS 600h and they delivered. And even better yet, how about a photo not only of Tony Hawk with his Lexus LS 600h which appears to be rocking HRE’s but also snowboarder Shaun White with what looks to be a Lambo LP-640.  Thanks to the tip and our snoopin’ ability we see he purchased the car in late August.

Tony Hawk's Lexus LS 600H on 22's

Tony Hawk and Shaun White with their celebrity rides!

Tony Hawk's Lexus LS-600h - Tony Hawk's Hybrid

All We Want For Christmas

All we want for Christmas is a picture of Tony Hawk in his Lexus Hybrid. We heard him and Rutledge talking about it on Top Gear.

Has anyone seen it?

Celebrity Taxi Report: Jennifer Aniston

Jen was seen hopping put of a hybrid Escalade taxi on the set of her project Wanderlust. Not all stars have the time to bring a ride to work!

California’s “First” Escalade: Arnold and Maria’s Ride

The Gov, Arnold Schwarzenegger and wife Maria Shriver took their Hybrid Escalade to attend a Yoga class in L.A. We wonder if Arnold said “I’ll be back” when the instructor asked him if he liked the class.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver Hybrid Escalade

Source: X17 Online


California's "First" Escalade: Arnold and Maria's Ride