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Arnold Hits The Open Air in His Old School Hummer

Arnold Schwarzenegger hit the streets in his old school H1 Hummer with his entourage close by in their boring black suburbans.

Arnold Schwarzenegger H1 Hummer

Arnold Schwarzenegger H1 Hummer

Jeremy Shoemoney Drives His H2 With A Grandpa Shoulder Pad

You guys may have no idea who Jeremy Schoemaker is but in a few far-off industries of the world he is a huge celebrity and he even balls like he's out-a-control (see after the jump). Anyways I was just watching this funny video and can not help but call out the granny seat belt shoulder-pad that Jeremy is rocking in his H2. What is up with that.

Do any other celebrities roll like old people?

You can learn more about Jeremy Schoemaker at his blog. Continue Reading

False: Britney did not buy a Hummer

Rumor's have been swirling that after Britney's latest fender bender that she went all out on a Hummer but this is false, that is only a toy of her sons!

Britney Spears aboard Toy Hummer

Justin Timberlake Drives a Hummer H3

Well Justin may have been spotted filling up gas in his Hummer H3 but that was only for a movie! If you recall we've already spotted JT rollin his blue Bentley Continental GT around Beverly Hills so we can go ahead and rule out the Hummer H3!

Justin Timberlake's Hummer H3

Fergie’s H2 Hummer For Sale

So Fergie says she is going green and giving the proceeds of her Hummer sale to Charity... Great publicity Fergie!

Fergie poses with her Hummer H2

Fergie's Hummer H2 for Sale
By the way Fergie, that Hummer is ugly, get a Escalade! Think this thing comes with any Taco Bell?

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