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Spotted: Heidi Montag Driving A Ferrari California

This can’t be true. Maybe it’s a late April fools joke?

We’d be shocked if this Ferrari really was Heidi Montag‘s but we’re guessing she was just borrowing it for filming yet another upcoming reality show. Heidi was spotted pulling up in the red Ferrari California outside the Geisha House in West Hollywood over the weekend with camera crews by her side.

Heidi Montag Ferrari California

Heidi Montag Ferrari California

She and husband Spencer Pratt were also spotted out in the Ferrari earlier in the day but we’re still not completely convinced this wasn’t just a “daily rate” rental. Anyone know for sure?

Heidi Montag Spencer Pratt Ferrari California

Heidi Montag Scores A New Porsche Cayenne

When you’re Heidi Montag the money rolls in left and right and you can afford to drop $90K on cars even though you have no true talent.  I know I may sound a little bitter here but when it comes to the Porsche Cayenne GTS I get a bit jealous.

Heidi Montag Porsche Cayenne

Spencer Pratt’s Camaro SS Wedding Gift From Heidi

Alright guys… this one may piss you off but you’re not alone. Apparently Heidi Montag (dimbo from the Hills) has given her fiance/soon to be husband (Spencer D-bag Pratt) a early wedding gift of a Camaro SS. And like always they went to the must public place possible to shot photos and spread them to the media.

Spencer Pratt Camaro SS Wedding Gift From Heidi

And of course we wouldn’t leave you hanging with out some video of Spencer Pratt toolin’ around in his Camaro SS along with Heidi crawling all over the hood.

Heidi & Spencer Did Not Buy a Rolls Royce

Rumors are flying all over the internet that Heidi & Spencer have hopped out in a all white Rolls Royce Phantom but we don’t believe it’s true! Here’s our story on it!

Heidi & Spencer in said Rolls Royce Phantom
Heidi and spencer Rolls Royce Phantom

Yet hop over to Platinum Motorsport’s rental site and you can see said Rolls Royce Phantom for rent at a rate $250/hr with chauffeur.