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Gucci Mane Shows Off His New Rolls-Royce Dawn

Gucci Mane has really been making a comeback lately. After spending some time behind bars, he has re-emerged with a whole new image. He has lost a lot of weight, is now wearing exotic Italian designer clothes (Dsquared2 for those who are interested), and of course whippin in a new Rolls-Royce Dawn! I will say the red on red on red color scheme is not the easiest on the eyes, but it sure does demand your attention! How about those wheels though. Definitely paying homage to old school Rolls-Royce wheels.

Gucci Mane Rolls-Royce Gucci Mane Rolls-Royce Dawn

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Gucci Mane’s Ferrari 612

Gucci Mane is no stranger to Ferrari’s and while the Ferrari 612 is a little old school with the likes of the Ferrari 599 I’m a still a big fan.

Gucci Mane Ferrari 612
Photo Credit: chasingexotics.com

Gucci Mane Ferrari 612 Scag