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Kendra’s GMC Yukon

Ex-Playboy Playmate and reality show star Kendra Wilkinson was spotted in San Diego driving a white GMC Yukon. Do you think she'll look better in a different car? After all, she's on her way to become a soccer mom.

Kendra Wilkinson off her GMC Yukon

Nicky Hilton Texting While Driving in Her SUV

Here’s disobedient Nicky Hilton texting while driving her GMC Yukon in California. We haven’t seen a lot of this other Hilton sister and her cars, and it’s a shame that she graces our pages with something like this.

Nicky Hilton texting in her GMC Yukon

Jessica Alba Hits Kid’s Party Town in Her GMC Yukon

Jessica Alba was seen taking her daughter to a birthday party in Hollywood using her GMC Yukon.  A lot of stars have been doing their birthday party runs, just recently we saw Brad Pitt and Zahara in their Ford Explorer, and Gwen Stefani’s Range Rover hitting every kid’s birthday party in A-list town.

Jessica Alba GMC Yukon

Source: X17 Online

Source: X17 Online

Jessica Simpson Dresses Up and Gets into A GMC Yukon

Jessica Simpson was spotted in a tight red dress, shades, a pair of killer pumps and boarding a GMC Yukon as she heads off to Christian Dior benefit party. Jessica Simpson weight corresponds to the car she’s using. When she was slim for a while, she used a sleek Bentley, and now that she’s packing up a few slabs of meat again, she uses a Yukon!

Paris Hilton Is As Brave as Her GMC Yukon

The heiress who was recently threatened by a crazy fan in her house was already seen out shopping with her GMC Yukon, as if no form of physical threat has happened to her. You can’t blame the crazy fans with that sundress and heavily exposed cleavage, it’s like she’s taunting potential harassers herself!

Paris Hilton Is As Brave as Her GMC Yukon

Paris Hilton Getting Inside her GMC Yukon

Source: X17 Online

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