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Matthew McConaughey Unloads His Yukon

Matthew McConaughey and his girlfriend Camila Alves were spotted unloading the kids from their GMC Yukon in Malibu. Just another day in paradise for Matthew and the fam.

Matthew McConaughey Valets His Yukon

Matthew McConaughey was spotted valeting his Yukon Denali in Santa Monica. We're sure the Yukon is a great car for Matthew but if we had a choice we'd say he needs an old school Ford Bronco! What do you think?

Matthew McConaughey Yukon Denali

Josh Duhamel Keeps It Real In His Truck

We'll give him one thing, you certainly don't see many trucks in LA. Josh Duhamel showed up to a meeting at a hotel with his GMC Sierra recently. Is that a Pabst Blue Ribbon logo we see?

Josh Duhamel GMC Sierra

Matthew McConaughey Loads Up His Denali

It seems like we always spot Matthew McConaughey spending his free time on the beach running but here we caught him taking a short break to check on his golf clubs that were hiding out in the back of his Yukon Denali. Why not play a few holes after a stressful run on the beautiful beaches of Malibu.

Matthew McConaughey Yukon Denali

Paris Hilton Films Show In A Yukon Hybrid

Paris was spotted with her driver in a Yukon Hybrid yesterday while running around Los Angeles filming her new reality show The World According to Paris. We have to say this is definitely one Hybrid we agree on. Lets just hope she doesn't try to wrap it in Pink.

Paris Hilton Yukon Hybrid

Source: Splash News

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