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They’re Just Like Us: Hilary Duff

Check out Hilary Duff getting a parking ticket in her G-Wagon. I guess she’s just like us. That or the paparazzi’s tell the parking enforcement when they are overdue hoping the celebrity will freak out upon return.

Hilary Duff getting a parking ticket in her Mercedes G-Wagon

Beau Dunn – G Wagon Mafia Poser

Beau DunnA reader sent in some photos of a white G-Wagon with a bright pink spare-tire cover. Apparently it’s owned by Beau Dunn who upon inspection is a aspiring model in Beverly Hills.  What girl in “the hills”isn’t?

Now looking at the G-Wagon and scanning her portfolio I’m not sure we’re going to classify her as a celebrity but in the meantime we will call some attention to her as if the reverse fanny pack spare tire doesn’t already.

Also, for those who’ve seen this car running around LA, is it an imported G-Wagon?  Looking at the lights I get the feeling that it’s either super old school or its one of those military like ones imported in.

Beau Dunn-G-Wagon Mafia Poser


Guess Who?

Every girl in Hollywood has one these days but lets see if you can guess what Young Hollywood start is piloting this G500.

Guess Who
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Renee Zellweger is G’ed Out Every Where She Goes

She was born in Texas and resides in Los Angeles. Why wouldn’t Renee Zellweger demands the Mercedes G-Wagon???

Renee Zellweger Changing In Her Mercedes G Wagon

Renee Zellweger Getting In Her Mercedes G Wagon

Renee Zellweger Drives a Mercedes G Wagon
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Renee Zellweger and her Mercedes G Wagon
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Ashley Tisdale Joins The G-Wagon Mafia

Every young Hollywood start has to have one. I mean they drive through the canyons to and from meetings with their agents and the valet at every possible chance. Why wouldn’t Ashley Tisdale need a Mercedes G-Wagon.

Ashley Tisdale's The G-Wagon Mafia

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