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Ashley Greene’s New Role

Look at Ashley Greene gassing up Joe Jonas’ Mercedes-Benz G550. If she had her own car she wouldn’t be doing these chores.

Ashley Greene's New Role

Britney: Still in the Passenger Seat

When was the last time you guys saw Britney drive a car? Is she not allowed to man the wheel, or just that dangerous?

Britney Spears, still in a passenger seat?

Megan Fox: Foxy in a G550 Wagon

Megan Fox was spotted hopping in her black Mercedes-Benz g550 after a quick shopping spree with her guy pal.  Megan looks hot in that big car!

Megan Fox getting off her Mercedes Benz G550.

Ashley Tisdale: Terrible Driving in a G-Wagon

Ashley Tisdale’s Mercedes-Benz G Wagon was pulled over by a traffic cop for beating not one, but two red lights while she’s talking on her cell phone. This girl should learn driving etiquette first before she hops on the driver seat again!  I think she is defs a part of the G-Wagon Mafia.

Ashley Tisdale in her Mercedes-Benz G Wagon

Ashley Tisdale Mercedes-Benz G Wagon


Audrina Patridge: All Grins in Her Mercedes-Benz G550

“The Hills” star and new Dancing With the Stars hopeful Audrina Patridge leaves the rehearsal studio in her white Mercedes-Benz G550 wagon. She must love her new hobby because thathttp://www.celebritycarsblog.com/2010/09/audrina-patridge-all-grins-in-her-mercedes-benz-g550/ smile is as genuine as her lovely car.

Audrina Patridge in her white Mercedes-Benz G550

Source: X17 Online

Audrina Patridge white Mercedes-Benz G550

Source: X17 Online