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Hilary Duff Adds Another G-Wagon To Her Collection

Hilary Duff’s been a G-Wagon fan for a while now. Her husband Mike Comrie was spotted with a black G-Wagon a few years back and since then the couple’s also had their silver G55. Hilary was most recently spotted with a new black Mercedes G63. Once a G-Wagon owner, always a G-Wagon owner.

Source (Zimbio)

Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna In a G-Wagon

Kim Kardashian will only be friends with you if you own a G-Wagon. Ok, so that’s not true, but still, pretty much all of her family members have one and most of her friends including her latest BFF, model and ex-stripper, Blac Chyna. Kim and Blac Chyna were spotted together in a white G-Wagon while Chyna ran errands and Kim sat in the drivers seat. Of course this may not even be Chyna’s G-Wagon — it could be one of the many Kim has access to through the Kardashian/Jenner G-Wagon garage but who can really keep up.



Source: (Zimbio)

**Update** The G-Wagon is Blac and Tyga’s — Tyga bought it a while back. Thanks Awais.

Cara Santana Runs Around In Her G-Wagon

Actress, Cara Santana was spotted running around Los Angeles in her Mercedes-Benz G55 earlier this week.


(Photos: Zimbio)

Audrina Patridge Is Still Driving Her G-Wagon

Honestly, I’d actually forgot about Audrina Patridge. Then I saw this photo of her getting into her Mercedes-Benz G550 and it all came back to me. You know, those days she was on that one MTV show, dating that one guy, all while driving around in her white G-Wagon. I’m not sure what she’s actually doing now but she’s still driving her G-Wagon so she must be doing something.

Audrina Patridge Mercedes Benz G Wagon

(Photos: Zimbio)

Last Weeks Guess Who – Joe Jonas

Last weeks “Guess Who” was Joe Jonas getting into his Mercedes-Benz G500.

Joe Jonas Mercedes Benz Joe Jonas G Wagon