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Simon Cowell Drives Around In a Ford Bronco

Of all the celebrities I'd picture with a Ford Bronco, Simon Cowell would not be one of them. This past weekend though, Cowell was actually spotted driving a pretty sweet classic Ford Bronco. From the looks of the photos, the Bronco is lifted and in true Simon Cowell fashion, is in excellent condition. I guess when you own cars like his Rolls Royce and his Bugatti, your Ford Bronco has to be up to par too.

Simon Cowell Ford Bronco Simon Cowell Bronco

Prince Jackson Fills Up His Raptor

Prince Jackson was spotted filling up his Ford Raptor in Los Angeles recently. Must be nice to be just sixteen years old and have a Ford Raptor for your first car.

Prince Jackson Ford Raptor

(photo: X17online)

Rob Zombie’s Custom 67′ Ford F-100

Master of all things bloody and gory, whether it’s music or film, Rob Zombie received the custom 1967 Ford F-100 he ordered for his Mayhem Tour.

'72 Chevy Blazer

The menacing flat black F-100 features stunning graphics from his album’s artwork and evil zombified headlights. Under the hood beats the heart of a 429 Cobra Jet, making this one serious sleeper vehicle. Danny "The Count" Koker and his Count’s Kustoms crew stripped, rebuilt, engineered and painted the drab Ford truck in under a week.

Rob Zombie Counts Kustoms

Ryan Sheckler’s Ford Raptor

It's about time Ryan Sheckler shows off a new ride. He might be young but he's already had his fair share of sick rides and it looks like this Ford Raptor is the latest addition. Sheckler shared this photo on Instagram yesterday while it was getting a fresh detail. Unlike Scott Disick, Sheckler is someone I can actually picture with a Raptor!

Ryan Sheckler Ford Raptor

Source: Ryan Sheckler's Instagram

Scott Disick Picks Up A Ford Raptor

Scott Disick isn't really the type of guy I'd picture with a Ford Raptor. I mean lets face it, he's not exactly your average Ken Block or Tanner Foust but I guess if he wanted a truck this is the one to get. Disick was spotted stepping out of the black Ford Raptor truck in Malibu while filming scenes for "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" with the rest of the Jenner/Kardashian crew.

Scott Disick Ford Raptor

Scott Disick Ford Raptor Truck

Meanwhile, Bruce Jenners daughter-in-law, Leah Felder and his son Brandon were spotted rolling up in their Toyota Prius. I guess it's nice to know at least someone in the family isn't rolling in a Rolls Royce or a Range Rover just yet.

Leah Felder Toyota Prius

Source/Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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