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Baltimore Orioles Outfielder Nate Mclouth’s Ford F150

This Ford F150 is great example of what I expect to see a baseball player driving. While it's not a Raptor, it doesn't really need to be for Nate Mclouth's use but it's still pretty tough looking.

Baltimore Orioles' Outfielder Nate Mclouth's Ford F150

Marcus Spears’ King Ranch Ford Truck

I get the the idea of having a big truck but the wacky camo makes me think that Marcus Spears and Chris Brown must have been hanging out.  But before we jump on Marcus, this may have been No Limit's choice of styling where the truck was recently outfitted with the camo, wheels and other customizations.

marcus spears ford king ranch

marcus spears big truck

Mark Cuban Shopping For a Hotrod

In a recent episode of Fast N Loud, Richard Rawlings bought a 1955 Ford Customline off one of his employees. As always the car is not for him and as soon as they finish it they will put it up for sale but I would have never guessed that Mark Cuban would end up buying this thing!

Simon Cowell Drives Around In a Ford Bronco

Of all the celebrities I'd picture with a Ford Bronco, Simon Cowell would not be one of them. This past weekend though, Cowell was actually spotted driving a pretty sweet classic Ford Bronco. From the looks of the photos, the Bronco is lifted and in true Simon Cowell fashion, is in excellent condition. I guess when you own cars like his Rolls Royce and his Bugatti, your Ford Bronco has to be up to par too.

Simon Cowell Ford Bronco Simon Cowell Bronco

Prince Jackson Fills Up His Raptor

Prince Jackson was spotted filling up his Ford Raptor in Los Angeles recently. Must be nice to be just sixteen years old and have a Ford Raptor for your first car.

Prince Jackson Ford Raptor

(photo: X17online)

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