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Jay Farber’s Ford Raptor

Jay Farber is a successful poker player and good friend of the famous Dan Bilzerian. After winning over $5 million in one tournament alone, its fair to say Jay could afford any new ride! Although he originally planned on picking up a Ferrari, the Las Vegas resident chose something a little more appropriate for the desert area, a Ford Raptor! The variety of modifications will certainly help it stand out from the other Raptors in Vegas!

Jay Farber Ford Raptor

Source (@jayfarber)


Amber Heard Gets Pranked by Johnny Depp – Thinks Her Mustang Has Been Stolen

Amber Heard is a “self confessed lover of muscle cars” and her classic 1968 Ford Mustang proves it. Amber’s husband, Johnny Depp made her believe the beloved 1968 Mustang had been stolen for the third time on an upcoming episode of Overhaulin’ and Amber fell for every second. She was furious. So furious she actually flipped off the cop. But don’t worry, she’s pretty happy with the outcome! What do you think of the new look?

Here’s Amber with the car before:
Amber Heard '68 Ford Mustang

Joey Logano Buys A 1924 Ford Model T

NASCAR star, Joey Logano is used to rubbing fenders in his Ford at 200-mph but it seems the Sprint Cup Series driver also likes to potter about in a 1924 Ford Model T.

Having won the 2015 Bank of America 500 at Charlotte Speedway on Sunday, maybe Logano spent his winnings on the little Model T?

Here’s what he said about his new(ish) Ford: “Cruising down the road in my new @ford…well at least new to me! 1924 Model T”

Joey Logano | Ford Model T

Photo (@joeylogano)

Scott Eastwood’s All American Ford F-150

Scott Eastwood, model, actor, and son of the legendary Clint Eastwood is proud to be an American and he shows it through his choice of cars. Eastwood spent his weekend picking up the new 2015 Ford F-150 and sharing a photo of it on Instagram.

Scott Eastwood Ford
Photo (@scotteastwood)

A Ford Truck Fit for The Rock

Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, spent his Labor Day weekend driving around in his lifted Ford Truck and he shared a photo of it on Instagram. While The Rock wishes he could fit into cars like this Ferrari 458 he was eyeing, he knows he needs to stick to the big whips for a more comfortable ride.

The Rock Ford Truck
Photo (@therock)
Shout out to Mack for the tip!

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