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Mike Wolfe’s Latest Project: 36 Ford Gulf Oil Delivery Truck

Mike Wolfe seems to be building and acquiring cars like none other. I guess it kinda comes with the territory when you are on the show American Pickers. Last time it was his 59 Flathead. This time it sounds like he has Kirk Brown from Crafty B to create a 36 Ford Delivery Truck.  By the looks of it, it will keep with the Mike Wolfe style with lots of rust and patina.

Ford Raptor built for George Kottaras of the Cleveland Indians

Baseball players don't always strike me as those I would expect to have over the top cars but after seeing what George Kottaras has done with his Ford Raptor, I would say that the Ford Raptor is about what I would expect  baseball player to drive!

Ford Raptor built for George Kottaras of the Cleveland Indians

Spotted: Aaron Paul Cruising In His Ford Torino

Last month, Aaron Paul showed up to the Need For Speed Hollywood premier in his classic Ford Torino and even took it for a ride down the red carpet, but it looks like the Torino isn't just for special occasions -- Paul was spotted cruising around Los Angeles in his classic ride this weekend too. Wether he's driving around in his Lamborghini Aventador or this Ford Torino, he's definitely turning some heads.

Source (Zimbio)

Ken Block’s Snowmobile on Steroids

Ken Block has the best toys and his Ford Raptor is one of them. This time last year, Block was schmobbin' around the snow in his Raptor but this year he's actually added snowmobile tracks to the off-road performance truck to make for his latest insane creation: the Ford F-150 RaptorTRAX.

Ken Block Raptor

Source (@kblock43)

Bubba Watson’s Bulletproof Raptor

What's more badass than a Ford Raptor? A BULLETPROOF Ford Raptor.
Bubba Watson Ford Raptor

Bubba Watson's no stranger when it comes to unique rides and his new custom Oakley Ford Raptor built by Mike Smith Fabrication in Huntington Beach is just that. Watson collaborated with Oakley’s golf and motorsports team to create this badass Raptor over a year ago and the final product is nothing short of amazing. The truck is custom wrapped in a black digital camouflage print, the front of the truck has a reworked 6160 billet aluminum Oakley grill, and a custom Oakley logo but the coolest feature by far on this truck is the fact that it's bulletproof, windows and all.

Just to top it all off, the truck also has four distinct horn sounds, including the legendary General Lee jingle, of course.

Here's a short video that Bubba put together to show off his new ride (in true Bubba fashion):

Shout out to Andrew for the tip!
Source (oakley.com)

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