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Benji Madden Makes a Pit Stop In The Galaxie

Benji Madden made a stop to fill up the tank of his classic 1963 Ford Galaxie in Los Angeles last week.

Source (Zimbio)

Heidi Klum In a Ford Raptor?!

Heidi Klum and her boyfriend Martin Kristen stopped by a tree lot with their new Ford Raptor over the weekend.

(Photos: Zimbio)

This Is One Way To Use a Ford Raptor

Ryan Sheckler put his Ford Raptor to good use earlier this week.

Ryan Sheckler Ford Raptor

(Photo: @shecks)

Baltimore Orioles Outfielder Nate Mclouth’s Ford F150

This Ford F150 is great example of what I expect to see a baseball player driving. While it's not a Raptor, it doesn't really need to be for Nate Mclouth's use but it's still pretty tough looking.

Baltimore Orioles' Outfielder Nate Mclouth's Ford F150

Marcus Spears’ King Ranch Ford Truck

I get the the idea of having a big truck but the wacky camo makes me think that Marcus Spears and Chris Brown must have been hanging out.  But before we jump on Marcus, this may have been No Limit's choice of styling where the truck was recently outfitted with the camo, wheels and other customizations.

marcus spears ford king ranch

marcus spears big truck

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