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Deadmau5 Puts His Purrari Up For Sale

About an hour ago, a listing showed up on Craigslist for Deadmau5's Purrari. The photos suck but the listing says he's asking $380,000 OBO and anything over $380k goes to the Toronto Humane Society (you can check out more photos of the Purrari here along with the Purrari's recent Gumball3000 journey). The listing goes on to say that the Purrari comes with an iPod full of nyancat songs and he will personally invite the buyer to Toronto to come and film a "farewell purrari" coffee run with Deadmau5 himself.

Who's in?!? 

Would you buy the Purrari for your garage? Check out the listing here.

Deadmau5 Purrari For Sale

Shout out to our reader Cory for the tip!




Deadmau5 Pulled Over: Not Allowed to Drive in France Anymore

Oops. Looks like Deadmau was going a little too fast in the Purrari. He just shared an Instagram photo of his current view from the backseat with the caption, "I'm not allowed to drive in france anymore today... :( so here's my ride, while Tory follows in the purrari till we get to Spain."

deadmau gumball3000

deadmau5 gumball 3000

Source (@deadmau5)

Joash Cartu’s Ferrari F12 is Ready for the Gumball 3000

Gumball 3000 kicks off in a few days and Miami is beginning to look like a crazy Miami Vice dream.  Meanwhile, Josh Cartu and Team Wolfpack have been preparing what looks like a series of Tron themed cars!  Check out Josh Cartu's F12 with the wrap completed below.

Josh Cartu Ferrari F12 Tron Wrap 1

Josh Cartu Ferrari F12 Tron Wrap 3

Josh Cartu Ferrari F12 Tron Wrap 4

Floyd Mayweather’s Ferrari F430 Scuderia For Sale on eBay

Floyd Mayweather has so many cars I can't even keep track of them. So when it comes to thinning out the herd, it doesn't surprise me that Floyd is ditching this Ferrari F430 Scuderia which is for sale at EuroCar OC with a top bid of $105,000 so far on eBay.

floyd mayweather ferrari for sale on ebay

Source: Dupont Registry

Deadmau5’s Purrari is Ready for the Gumball 3000 Kickoff

Next week the Gumball 3000 with be kicking off from Miami which means Gumballers from all over the world have cars in route to the Miami. So who is the first that we've seen? None other than Deadmau5 who will be Gumaball-ing in his Nyan Cat Ferrari (aka Purrari).

Deadmau5 will be joined by CCB favorite Josh Cartu so you can count on some great action from these two later next week!

deadmau5 Nyan cat Purrari 458 Spider

Source: Jason Thorgalsen / Speedracer38 of JTPhotos.net (Subscribe to his channel today!)

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