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Afrojack’s Personalized Ferrari 458

Last weekend, DJ Afrojack was in Miami for the Ultra music festival and lets just say you couldn't miss him. Afrojack was spotted cruising around the streets in a bright red Ferrari 458 Italia Spider with his name plastered on the side to promote his upcoming album.

Source (Zimbio)

Chris Johnson Knows How To Roll

Tennessee Titans running back, Chris Johnson may be pretty young but that isn't stopping him from filling his garage with some pretty sick rides. Johnson posted a photo of himself in his garage with his white Maybach 57 and his latest addition, a white Ferrari 458 Italia Spider. He just recently added some new wheels to the 458 and shared a photo of the end result (below) and it looks sick.

Chris Johnson Ferrari 458 Maybach

Chris Johnson Ferrari 458

Source (@chrisjohnsontwo8)

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Jeremy Piven and Liam Neeson Film Entourage

The Entourage movie isn't set to hit theaters until next Summer, but filming is already underway in Los Angeles. Jeremy Piven and Liam Neeson were spotted filming scenes for the upcoming movie with Piven in a red Ferrari 458 Italia and Neeson alongside in a Bentley Continental.

Source (Zimbio)

Richie Incognito Bashes His Own Ferrari?

...and now some bizarre news for today starring Richie Incognito...

TMZ first reported the news saying Richie Incognito's new Ferrari FF had been bashed with a baseball bat and that neighbors had reported the damage. Now, police are reporting that Incognito admitted to bashing the car himself. Can you say anger management issues?

So that's how the story stands now but who really knows what happened. Either way, this Ferrari is definitely going to need a little TLC.


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Source (TMZ)

Why Would You Do This To a Ferrari?

Deadmau5 wrapped his Ferrari 458 Italia in a nyan cat wrap.  The car used to look like this but now it looks like this. I know it's just a wrap but I still don't get it. A lot of celebs have done some pretty crazy things to their Ferrari's -- like this 458 for example -- but this one is really awful in my opinion.

deadmau5 ferrari deadmau5 ferrari 458

Source (deadmau5 Facebook)

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