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Rick Ross Sitting On the Job Again… This Time It’s a Ferrari

Rick Ross Sitting on a Ferrari

Scott Disick: Another Day, Another Ferrari

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick were spotted driving around in a yellow Ferrari 458 Italia this week.

Kourtney Kardashian Scott Disick Ferrari Scott Disick Ferrari 458 Italia

Photo Source: Zimbio

Floyd Mayweather: Ferrari vs. Ferrari

Floyd Mayweather Jr. loves to show off his cars and his money. Over the weekend he Instagramed a photo of his Ferrari 458 Italia Spider and his Ferrari 599 GTB sitting in his garage. Must. Be. Nice. Which one would you rather have?

Floyd Mayweather Ferrari

Shout out to Joe for spotting the photo!

Paris Hilton Steps Out In Her Ferrari

Paris Hilton was spotted driving around Beverly Hills in her red Ferrari California earlier this week. It seems like it’s about time Paris picks up a new ride. Then again, with her crazy monthly LFA payment, maybe she’s scaling back…

Paris Hilton Ferrari Paris Hilton Ferrari California

Mariah Carey Spends Her Birthday In A Ferrari

Looks like Mariah Carey’s birthday was pretty darn sweet. Mariah shared some photos of her and her husband, Nick Cannon driving around in a Ferrari California celebrating both her birthday and their wedding anniversary. I can’t tell if it was a gift or if they were just taking it out for the night but either way it looks like they’re having a good time.

Mariah Carey Ferrari California

Mariah Carey Nick Cannon Ferrari

Photo Source: Mariah Journal

Shout out to Fran for the tip!


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