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Ellen Pompeo’s Plain Ride

Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo was seen hopping out of her Range Rover outside a supermarket. Just another Hollywood mom in a Range Rover.

Ellen Pompeo's Plain Ride

Celebrity Taxi Report: Ellen Pompeo Black Escalade

The Grey’s Anatomy star was seen doing some last-minute withdrawasl at a Bank of America ATM before heading off to the airport. Tiny figures always look sexy beside Escalades!

Ellen Pompeo off Bank of America's ATM

Ellen Pompeo gets into her black Cadillac Escalade

Ellen Pompeo and Her Range Rover Sport

The only ride aside from a Range Rover that I would expect to see Ellen Pompeo in is a Toyota Prius. Lucky enough for me she at least made the choice of the Range Rover Sport as opposed to the HSE model.

No word on what’s in the back seat.
Ellen Pompeo and Her Range Rover Sport