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Dr. Dre’s New Custom Cadillac Escalade

Dr. Dre recently picked up a totally badass all black stretched wheelbase 2016 Cadillac Escalade ESV, which is essentially a super luxurious version of the Escalade for him to be chauffeured around in. He even took it a step further and threw on some after market wheels and a custom Strut grille. With a net worth upwards of $700 million, picking up a $200K Cadillac and paying someone to drive you around is no problem at all!

Dre Dre Cadillac Escalade

Source (@strut__life)

Dr. Dre Cruises On A Scooter

Dr. Dre was recently spotted cruising around on a scooter while he vacationed with his family. Talk about living the life 😉

Dr Dre Scooter