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Chace Crawford Takes His Challenger In For Some TLC

Chace Crawford stopped by a car wash in Los Angeles to give his Dodge Challenger SRT8 a little tender lovin' care recently. What we'd really like to know is who's parked behind him!

Chace Crawford Dodge Challenger SRT8

Don’t Mess With This – Udonis Haslem’s Black Challenger

Miami Heat's Udonis Haslem's badass Dodge Challenger SRT-8 is up for grabs! Even if you're not a fan of the "black on black" look you might have to admit it looks pretty good on this car.

Check out the full eBay listing and more photos here.

Udonis Haslem Dodge Challenger SRT 8

Udonis Haslem Dodge Challenger SRT 8

Udonis Haslem

Chris Brown Brings Out The Muscle With A Dodge Viper

Chris Brown channeled his inner American muscle recently when he was spotted running around Hollywood in a bad ass black Dodge Viper. This actually seems pretty low key compared to his customized "jet fighter" Lamborghini. What do you think of Chris behind the wheel of a Viper?

Chris Brown Dodge Viper SRT 10

Spotted: Chace Crawford Showing Some Muscle

"Gossip Girl" star Chace Crawford jumped back into his black Dodge Challenger SRT after having lunch in Los Angeles recently.

Chace Crawford Dodge Challenger SRT

Chace Crawford Dodge Challenger SRT

Rod Stewarts Stolen Viper Back In Action

Seven years ago Rod Stewarts Dodge Viper was stolen right out of his own garage by a gardener working on his property.

According to sources, Volo Car Museum in Chicago purchased the car back in 2004 after it was recovered and has kept it in hiding...until now...

Rod Stewart Dodge Viper

As of tomorrow the Viper will go on display at the Volo Car Museum in Chicago as part of a "Celebrity Super Cars" exhibit being held through this weekend.

Oh, and Michael Jordan's Bentley Continental GT will also be on display. Now that's actually something we might be excited to see.


Source: TMZ


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