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Rod Stewarts Stolen Viper Back In Action

Seven years ago Rod Stewarts Dodge Viper was stolen right out of his own garage by a gardener working on his property.

According to sources, Volo Car Museum in Chicago purchased the car back in 2004 after it was recovered and has kept it in hiding...until now...

Rod Stewart Dodge Viper

As of tomorrow the Viper will go on display at the Volo Car Museum in Chicago as part of a "Celebrity Super Cars" exhibit being held through this weekend.

Oh, and Michael Jordan's Bentley Continental GT will also be on display. Now that's actually something we might be excited to see.


Source: TMZ


Kate Gosselin’s Bus Load

Super mom Kate Gosselin was spotted loading the kids into her Dodge Sprinter the other day. Looks like it's basically just one bus to another bus for the Gosselin kids. Is there really any other transportation option for so many kids?

Kate Gosselin Dodge Sprinter

Chace Crawford’s Dodge Challenger SRT8

It's always nice to see a fine young actor in a muscle car, especially if it is Chace Crawford in a Dodge Challenger SRT8! We think this is the first time we've seen this car with a celebrity in a long time.

Chace Crawford-Dodge Charger

Ryan Sheckler’s Truck Believed To Have Been Stolen

Apparently Ryan Sheckler's truck was stolen and involved in a hit and run by another teenager. The story sounds about like a 19 year-old made it up for the police but I'm sure something will shake up.

Ryan Sheckler’s Truck

Mel Gibson’s Ex is Living Large!

Oksana Grigorieva sure is stepping up her luxurious lifestyle by checking in at the Four Seasons just because! Seen arriving in her black Dodge Charger SRT8, some say Mel Gibson’s ex has been living the upscale lifestyle too much. From increased child support to all the settlement money, she sure is glad to live high, and away from her monster.

Mel Gibson's ex is living large.

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