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Brody Jenner Shows Off His Muscle

Brody has owned this Dodge Charger R/T for as long as we've been watching him on various shows and by the looks, he doesn't mind stretching its legs every now and them.

Brody Jenner Dodge Charger

Take A Peak Inside DJ Envy’s Garage

DJ Envy showed off his newest edition on Instagram recently -- a Dodge Challenger SRT8 Yellow Jacket. In one of the photos you can see his Bentley Mulsanne and a new Fisker Karma. He really has all his bases covered -- eco friendly electric, pure luxury, and American muscle -- all under one roof.

Which one would you take?

DJ Envy Challenger

DJ Envy Dodge Challenger

Shout out to Carl for the tip!

The Game Adds A “49ers” Challenger To His Collection

The Game is probably pretty upset this morning since his 49er's didn't walk away as the Super Bowl champs last night but hey, at least he's committed right? The Game posted this photo of his customized "49ers" Dodge Challenger on Instagram yesterday. The Challenger is rolling on 22" Forgiato's in the front and 24" Forgiato's on the back. He also woke up and had a 49er's tattoo done at 7am.

The Game Dodge Challenger

Shout out to Caio for another great tip!

Million Dollar Garage – Francis Wisniewski’s Garage

Million Dollar Rooms which we've talked about a couple of times is a great way to catch a glimpse into some under-the-radar rich, famous and superstar garages and Francis Wisniewski's garage was an excellent example.  It's primarily filled with street modified muscle cars and motorcycles but it seems like Francis Wisniewski who is a CIO of Forty4 Asset Management according to LinkedIn isn't doing bad for himself.

Francis Wisniewski Garage

Nick Hogan Shows Off His Rides On Instagram

We don't really know what Hulk Hogan's son, Nick Hogan does with his days but we do know he loves to drop some cash when it comes to his rides. Nick recently posted photos on his Instagram of both his murdered out Mercedes-Benz S-Class and his Dodge Challenger. When we say murdered out S-Class we mean MURDERED OUT!

What do you think of Nick's choice or cars?

Nick Hogan Mercedes Benz S Class

Nick Hogan Mercedes S Class

Nick Hogan Dodge Challenger

Nick Hogan Challenger

Shout out to RUFke for the photo tip!

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