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DJ Khaled’s Got a Wraith Now Too

It seems like celebrities have really taken a liking to the Rolls Royce Wraith, because we’re continuing to see more and more getting one and DJ Khaled is just the latest one. He recently shared a picture of him sitting in his light blue model, which I must admit is a very fitting color for DJ Khaled. He’s eclectic and flashy in that sense, and while I personally prefer any Rolls to be in a monochromatic color scheme, this one definitely suits him just right.

DJ Khaled Rolls

Source: Instagram

Take That Rick Ross

DJ Khaled may have just one-upped Rick Ross with this shirtless photo of himself sitting on his Ferrari 458 Italia. The battle of the shirtless selfies it on.

DJ Khaled Ferrari 458

Shout out to Jay for the tip!