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DJ Envy Picks Up Ferrari 488 GTB

DJ Envy’s car collection has been, and continues to be one of the best around! His latest pickup is the new Ferrari 488 GTB in a classic Ferrari red color scheme! When you get to his level you can’t just own a Ferrari, you have to have the latest and greatest. Like many other Ferrari owners, he presumably traded in his “old” Ferrari 458 for the new ride. With so many cars in his garage, we just hope he gets to fully appreciate this one!

DJ Envy New Ferrari 488 GTB DJ Envy Ferrari

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DJ Envy Adds Three More Cars To His Collection

As if DJ Envy’s garage isn’t full enough, he recently added a new Mercedes S-Class Coupe, Range Rover Supercharged, and a Jeep SRT-8 to his lineup.

DJ Envy Mercedes Benz DJ Envy Jeep DJ Envy Range Rover

Photos (@eddie_thecarguy and @djenvy)

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DJ Envy and Meek Mill: Empire State of Mind

DJ Envy and Meek Mill posed with their Rolls Royce’s next to each other while they were out running around the streets of NYC recently.

Meek Mill Rolls Royce

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DJ Envy Adds a Ferrari To His Garage

DJ Envy posted a photo of his new red Ferrari 458 Italia to Instagram recently and just to rub it in, he has it sitting next to a Rolls Royce Ghost.

DJ Envy Ferrari
Source (@djenvy)

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Take A Peak Inside DJ Envy’s Garage

DJ Envy showed off his newest edition on Instagram recently — a Dodge Challenger SRT8 Yellow Jacket. In one of the photos you can see his Bentley Mulsanne and a new Fisker Karma. He really has all his bases covered — eco friendly electric, pure luxury, and American muscle — all under one roof.

Which one would you take?

DJ Envy Challenger

DJ Envy Dodge Challenger

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