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Dave Grohl Cruises Around In His Ford Falcon

Dave Grohl was recently spotted running around Beverly Hills in his vintage Ford Falcon Kombi van. The 42 year old rocker and Foo Fighters front-man sure knows how to keep it classy. This is one mint Kombi! We like your style Dave.

Dave Grohl Ford Falcon

What Is Dave Grohl Driving??

We just came across this photo that rocker Dave Grohl snapped while he was driving. Question is, can you tell what kind of car he’s in? The second shot gives a little more detail. It’s definitely not his Smart car!

Dave Grohl













Dave Grohl

Even Rock Stars Go For the SMART Car

Just saw this pop up on Perezhilton.com and I couldn’t hold back from sharing it in it’s full context. Check out Foo Fighters Dave Grohl in the 2008 Smart Car!

Dave Grohl's Smart Car

Man, maybe I should get a SMART car? Can’t wait to see all the comments at Perez…