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Cisco Adler’s New Whip?

Cisco Adler (questionable celeb status) tweeted over the weekend that this is his new ride but I call bullshit.  Anyone know if it’s for real?

Cisco Adler's new whip?

Here Is Your Chance To Buy Adrien Brody’s Corvette

Apparently it’s Celebrity Cars For Sale month and Adrien Brody has jumped in to dump of his Corvette ZO6.

Leather jacket not included. 🙂  Buy it on eBay.

Adrien Brody Corvette

Help Kirby Puckett Take Out His Trash

Nothing says I could care less about this car I was given than putting it for sale on eBay and that’s exactly what Kirby Puckett, former baseball player of the Minnesota Twins is doing with the 1961 Chevrolet Corvette.  Sure he kept it for a while and had the manual transmission switched over to automatic but when you are a celebrity, why get rid of it?  I’m sure there are plenty of other assets to sell off first.  In my book this is a celebrity FAIL.

Kirby Puckett Chevrolet Corvette

Kirby Puckett Chevrolet Corvette On eBay


Who tries to get a ticket!?

This interesting video features the host of The Smoking Tire, Matt Farah and the creator of the Super Speeders, Rob Ferretti. Rob stages a contest to see who could get a ticket from a cop and return to the exotic car garage the fastest. Matt takes him up on the offer and chooses his car. Maybe this is not such a good idea after-all. Check out the video below for the ultimate conclusion.

Buy Paul Sr’s Corvette ZO6

Here’s your chance to own a great piece of Orange County Chopper history and it’s not a bike. How about Paul Sr’s personal Corvette ZO6 done up in his bad boy style? Outside of the black wheels and custom interior I believe the car is rather stock but they again who cares if it’s stock when it’s a ZO6!

But putting that aside, is he making room for a ZR1 or is this another millionaire not comfortable with the economy and liquidating vehicles? If so, looks like he has a whole lot more in that garage to get rid of!

Source: eBay
Paul Sr. flaunting his Corvette ZO6

Paul Sr.  and his Corvette ZO6 Frontal View

Paul Sr.  and his Corvette ZO6 Interior

Paul Sr.  and his Corvette ZO6 rear end