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First Man On The Moon: Neil Armstrong’s 1967 Corvette

This 1967 Chevrolet Corvette 427 coupe was once owned by astronaut and first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong. Back in the day Corvettes were offered to US astronauts by Jim Rathman Chevrolet in Melbourne, Florida. The program provided Corvettes to astronauts who would keep them for a year and then turn them in for a new one after their year was up. Not a bad deal! This Corvette was delivered to Armstrong on December 15, 1966. Once his year was over the car was then purchased by a NASA employee, who stopped driving it in 1981, stored it in a “climate controlled environment” and then sold it to the current owner just a couple months ago. The car is currently up for auction on eBay.

Bidding is currently up to $249,990. Rust, dust and all. We’re guessing the current owner didn’t throw down this kinda cash to tow it out of the previous owners garage. Just sayin’.

Neil Armstrong Chevrolet Corvette

Neil Armstrong Corvette

Will.i.am Cruises Through Hollywood In His Classic Corvette

We’ve spotted Will.i.am in his Bentley, Tesla and now he even has his own car company but just recently he was spotted cruising around Hollywood this 1959 custom Chevrolet Corvette.

Will.I.Am Chevrolet Corvette

Will.I.Am Corvette

Source: Moe Jackson

Johnny Depp Gifted With A 1959 Corvette

If there’s one celebrity we could see driving around in a 1959 Corvette it would definitely be this guy.

Johnny Depp Corvette
Johnny Depp recently received a very generous gift from producer Graham King for his hard work in the upcoming film The Rum Diary.

Oh, and the film also stars Amber Heard so if that isn’t enough to go see the movie we don’t know what is…

Check out a preview of the film to see Depp and Heard in the corvette.

Thanks to CorvetteBlogger for the tip!

Rick Springfield Shows Off His Custom Corvette Sting Ray

Rick Springfield walked back to his custom Chevy Corvette Sting Ray after grabbing some coffee recently.

Rick Springfield Corvette

Back in the 80’s Springfield owned a Corvette just like this one but sold it because it lacked comfort and convenience. This new Corvette looks just like his old one on the outside but inside it’s customized with modern amenities including cup holders, electric seats from a 2000 C-4 Corvette, GPS, iPod hookup, backup camera and an impressive audio system (so he can sing along to “Jessie’s Girl” anytime he feels like it of course).

Rick Springfield Corvette

Would you rock this Corvette? We would!


Rick Springfield’s Corvette

Rick Springfield sure knows how to run an errand celebrity style! He was seen with a handsome-looking Corvete Sting Ray in Malibu. Now that’s a celebrity car!

Rick Springfield's Corvete Sting Ray

Rick Springfield's Corvete Sting Ray