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Bill Goldberg Upgrades His Cobra

WWE wrestling superstar and muscle car fiend, Bill Goldberg recently had a clutch upgrade after smoking the previous one in his 1965 custom Cobra.  Complete with Elliott NASCAR engine and now with a Centerforce Dyad DS dual-disc system, Goldberg decided it was time the Cobra cleared its pipes.

Bill Goldberg |1965 AC Cobra Replica

Photo (@goldberg95)

Source (CentreforceClutches)

Do You Think Jonathan Cheban Really Owns This Cobra

Jonathan Cheban posted a photo of a Cobra kit car recently saying that he was going out for a late night cruise in NYC…

Call me a skeptic but do you think Jonathan is really driving a Cobra?

Jonathan Cheban Cobra
Photo (@jonathancheban)

Dan Bilzerian Rolls to the Gym in his AC Cobra

Dan Bilzerian left his Brabus G63 6×6 at home and took his AC Cobra out for a spin instead. You can also see his new Bentley Flying Spur in the background too. What car doesn’t this guy own?!

Dan Bilzerian AC Cobra

Photo (@danbilzerian)

Dan Bilzerian – That Guy You Want To Be

I had no idea who Dan Bilzerian was until this month. I didn’t see him on TV or read about him on a blog but instead saw some friend on twitter retweet some of his photos. That’s all I needed, I wanted to know more.

By the looks of it, Dan joined the Navy in the late 90’s and afterwards became a professional poker player and received airtime during six episodes of the World Series of Poker in 2009. By the looks of his Instagram, Dan is doing pretty well for himself and has a host of cars we would all love to have.

Dan Bilzerian AC Cobra suck it

Dan’s AC Cobra with the SUCK IT license plate
Dan Bilzerian mirror finish cobra

Dan Bilzerian AC Cobra suck it

Eleanor Mustang
Dan Bilzerian Eleanor mustang

dan belzerian lamborghini aventador

Christian Audigier Takes His Cobra For A Spin Through Spain

Ed Hardy designer Christian Audigier was spotted running around Ibiza, Spain with his (much younger) model girlfriend in a vintage AC Cobra.

Ed Hardy Cobra

Ed Hardy AC Cobra

Thanks to kylin for the tip!