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Kid Rock’s 40th Birthday Bash at Ford Field in Detroit

Last night was a big night in Detroit. Kid Rock through down a huge birthday bash to celebrate his 40th birthday. Kid Rock as you know is a huge car nut and loves his American cars.

From Celebrity Cars Blog, Happy Birthday!

A birthday wish from us may be cool but not as cool as the Custom Camaro that Chevrolet gave Kid Rock!

kid rock Custom Camaro

North American International Auto Show

Tomorrow I will be at NAIAS otherwise known as the Detroit Auto Show. If you’re not familiar with what an auto show is this is when the automakers introduce and show off their cars at a public show. They occur in many of the major cities through out the nation and thousands of people attend. More importantly at these shows, automotive companies like Chevrolet, GMC, Mercedes, and Audi usually introduce the newest cars and sometimes they even show off concept cars built by their design studios. Well never mind with all that what you guys really want to know is what “celebrities” these brands tie in with their vehicles!

I’ve got no idea if their will be in celebrity introductions tomorrow but I will keep you all posted.

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum at the new Volkswagen Golf introduction at the LA Autoshow

Brad and Angelina’s Confirmed Family Ride: A Chevy Suburban

Hollywood’s most sought after A-list family was seen driving away in a Chevrolet Suburban after dining in at Hollywood’s Benihana restaurant. You could tell that it was an intimate family affair– no drivers or bodyguards to follow them around! It’s great to see Brad Pitt on the drivers seat with Angelina on the passenger side this time.



Sylvester Stallone Show Muscle In His Camaro SS

For a guy that normally drives a Volkswagen we’re pretty happy to see him driving a Camaro SS.

Sylvester Stallone In his Camaro SS

Sylvester Stallone Driving His Camaro SS

Shia’s Looking Like A Trucker

Shia Le Beouf was spotted talking to a girl while in his Chevy Silverado. He’s looking scruffy and extra mountain-man like.  Also, what happen to the F150 of his.  He must not care about that whole Ford vs Chevy battle.

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