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Charlize Theron Upgrades To An X5

Actress and impossibly beautiful woman, Charlize Theron, has gotten herself a new ride! Last we saw Charlize she was still driving her Lexus RX hybrid which is the only car we’ve spotted her driving over the years. The latest gen X5’s are still growing on me (I’m still mourning the loss of the last gen X5 as it was one of my favorite luxury SUV’s in its class) but needless to say it’s certainly a solid upgrade from her Lexus. I’d love to see Charlize driving around something to the level of a Maserati or an Aston Martin as I know she’d look great in one and can definitely afford one, but I’ll take X5 driving Charlize over RX driving Charlize if that’s all I can get.

Charlize Theron X5

Source: Zimbio

Charlize Theron Spends The Day In Her Lexus

Charlize Theron was spotted running errands in her Lexus RX hybrid recently.

Charlize Theron Lexus RX

Charlize Theron Fills Up Her Lexus

Charlize Theron made a pit stop a a gas station in Los Angeles recently to fill up her Lexus RX.

Charlize Theron Lexus RX


Charlize Theron Rides a Mercedes-Benz M-class in Paris

Here is a gleeful Charlize Theron wandering through the streets of Paris in low profile clothes and a Mercedes-Benz M-Class SUV. Seems like a lot of stars are taking a vacay from Hollywood; Eva and her baller hubby are also in Paris, while George Clooney, is sitting pretty in Italy, as well as Kim K. Is Europe the new celebrity hub spot? If that’s the case, then it’s no surprise a lot of them are sporting Euro cars.

Charlize Theron Mercedes-Benz M-class

Source: X17 Online