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Chad Rogers Buys A Bentley

Chad Rogers gets on our nerves but we have to say he’s got good taste when it comes to his cars. Chad may no longer be a part of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing but it looks like that hasn’t done anything to hurt his business. Chad recently got rid of his Mercedes-Benz CL63 and picked up this beautiful black Bentley Continental. The Benz was nice but this Bentley’s even better.

Chad Rogers Bentley

Having Nice Things Isn’t Easy, Char Rogers Knows This

I feel bad for Chad Roger’s who last month stumbled across a nice bump in run on his CL63.  I’ve had this happen to me before and it totally pisses me off.  In fact I’m sure it pisses off any car enthusiast.  Anyways, when is Chad going to get plates on his car?

Chad Roger Mercedes Benz

Chad Roger’s Mercedes CL63

Chad Rogers my look like a complete tool and I’d bet hard money that outside of his the show he is on (Million Dollar Listing) he is probably worse. Fact of the matter is that this guy is rolling a Mercedes Benz CL63 and that I’m jealous of.

For Chad, great decision on the car and it should help you do business which is the best part! Now to figure out why Josh Flagg only has a Porsche C4S Targa.

Chad Roger Mercedes CL63
Still not as sick as Ryan Sheckler’s CL63