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Carey Hart Adds a Dodge to his Collection…Again

Carey Hart already has his fair share of Dodge cars in the garage so why not get another one. The new Dodge Ram 3500 will look pretty nice sitting next to their Durango and their Charger SRT, not to mention all their classic cars as well. I guess it pays to have Dodge on your side! 

Carey Hart Dodge Ram

Source (@hartluck)

Carey Hart’s New Dodge Durango

Carey Hart has a new ride and he’s pretty excited about it. Hart shared a photo of his new Dodge Durango on Instagram with the caption, “So pumped on my new Dodge Durango!!!! This thing is unreal.” He’s had a Durango before and we spotted him driving it back in 2011. Guess it was time for an upgrade!

What do you think of the Durango?

Carey Hart Dodge Durango
Source (@hartluck)

Carey Hart and Pink Out Riding Together

I can’t tell you who I like more but they are both pretty cool.

carey hart riding with pink

pink riding her motorcycle

Carey Hart’s Birthday Gift From Pink

cary hart 29 ford delivery sedan

Nothing says happy birthday like a 29 Ford Delivery Sedan, well at least when you are Pink and Carey Hart. Yep that is right. Pink commissioned a good friend of Carey by the name of Heath Pinter to build this Ford for Carey and together they presented it to Carey. More photos after the jump Continue Reading

Carey Hart Valets His Charger SRT-8

Most celebrities roll through valet in a Mercedes, Range Rover or Rolls Royce but celebrities like Pink and Carey Hart show up in their black Dodge Charger SRT-8. Fast and mean — we like their style.

Pink Carey Hart Dodge SRT 8

Carey Hart Dodge Charger