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Pro Skater Josh Kalis Shows Off His Camaro

?Pro Skater Josh Kalis must really want to fondle Rob Dyrdek’s balls. Not really but does seem rather funny that they would have very similar themed 69 Camaro’s built by the same shop, All Speed Performance.

Here is a link to Rob Dyrdek’s 69 Camaro – Rogue Status Style

Tis True: Brad Pitt Pilotting the New Camaro SS

We heard the rumors floating around yesterday and today we believe it. After that whole Balloon Boy hysteria you can see why we are always a bit skeptical.

Check out Brad Pitt mounting up to the new Camaro SS.

Brad Pitt Pilotting the New Camaro SS

Rumor Alert: Brad Pitt Driving a New Camaro SS

X17 is reporting that only a couple days after Brad Pitt’s little motorcycle mishap he was seen rocking a new Camaro SS.

Brad Pitt Driving a New Camaro SS
I guess with a goatee like that you have to drive an American car.

Rob Dyrdek’s 69 Camaro RallySport

Rob Dyrdek recently commissioned a sweet 1969 Camaro to be dressed in his signature flat black look along with select Rogue Status Graphics! Check out Rob’s Camaro and leave us a comment!

See all the photos and more at All Speed Performance

Rob Dyrdek Camaro