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Lupe Fiasco’s Chevy Lineup

Lupe Fiasco stopped by Platinum Motorsport for a photo shoot to showoff his Chevy Camaro and old Chevy Pickup for DUB Magazine. Looks like he had no problem replacing his 575M Maranello. What do you think of Lupe’s lineup?

Lupe Fiasco Camaro

Lupe Fiasco Chevy

Source: Platinum Motorsport

Nick Jonas Runs Around In His Camaro

Between Nick Jonas‘ classic Mustang, new Challenger and now this Camaro I guess it proves he loves his muscle cars (old and new). Nick was spotted running errands with the top down in his Chevy Camaro earlier this week.

Nick Jonas Chevy Camaro

Suge Knight Hangs With The Ladies In His Camaro

Suge Knight was recently spotted with his Chevy Camaro outside a restaurant in Los Angeles. Is it just us or do the ladies look less than impressed?

Suge Knight Chevy Camaro

Suge Knight Camaro

Rob Dyrdek Gives His 69 Camaro A Facelift

Rob Dyrdek recently tweeted this photo of his 1969 Camaro sporting a whole new look. The Camaro was originally customized with Rob’s signature matte black paint and Rogue Status graphics but now it looks like the graphics and matte black are both a thing of the past.

Do you like Rob’s Camaro this way or the old way?

Rob Dyrdek Camaro

Old look:
Rob Dyrdek Camaro with Rogue Status

Video: Michael B. Jordan’s Blacked Out Camaro

Actor, Michael B. Jordan was recently spotted by the paparazzi as he was running back to his bad ass blacked out Chevy Camaro.