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Mark Wahlberg’s Cadillac Escalade Gets Customized

When you’re Mark Wahlberg and you have a garage full of cars including Bentley’s, Mercedes’ and Porsche’s you certainly can’t add a plain jane stock Escalade to the mix. Mark recently brought his Cadillac down to the guys at West Coast Customs for a little overhaul (OK, a big overhaul). The interior was completely stripped so that an automated partition could be added as well as ergonomic recliner seats, a DirecTV satellite link with LCD monitors and retracting table-tops (for when Mark needs to do a little business from the backseat). Of course the outside needed a little something too so they blacked it out and added new wheels and suspension.

It’s pretty nice but do you like it better than Beckham’s Escalade??

Mark Wahlberg Cadillac










Oh if only we could all live like Marky Mark…

Reggie Bush Decides To Dump His Escalade Too

Looks like it’s true. Either Reggie Bush needs some extra cash (possible, when you look at how horrible his team is doing) or he really is trying to get rid of anything that reminds him of Kim Kardashian. Reggie’s 2008 Cadillac Escalade is up for sale on eBay now too along with his Ferrari F430…the car was accessorized by Kim and Reggie together with the help of the guys at Platinum Motorsport of course.

Reggie Bush Cadillac Escalade









Check out all the photos and details here.

Colin Farrell Steps Into His Cadillac

Colin Farrell looks surprised to see the paps as he leaves a friends house in Los Angeles. The only car we’ve ever spotted Farrell in is this Escalade. He’s got to have some other cars somewhere. Anyone ever spotted him in anything else?

David And Victoria Go Shopping In Their Escalade

David and Victoria Beckham were spotted heading back to their Cadillac Escalade with baby Harper after doing some shopping recently.

David Beckham Cadillac Escalade

John Legend Rolls Around Town In A Caddy

John Legend was recently spotted stepping out of a Cadillac Escalade which got us thinking…

John Legend Cadillac Escalade

What does John Legend drive on a daily basis? So after a little searching it looks like John has what looks like a Lexus LS. Can you guys tell from this angle?

John Legend Lexus