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Black Eyed Peas Owned Buick Riviera For Sale on eBay

It’s rare to see a celebrity owned vehicle that I think was tastefully done but according to the listing, this 1964 Buick Riviera was owned by a member from the Black Eyed Peas.  It has clean paint, a non-dressed up engine, and a clean white interior.  Unlike most celebrity cars, I couldn’t find a single trace of the owners name in the headrests, trunk or engine bay. (and damn I’m glad)

See more photos here.

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You Have Never Stared At A Buick As Long As This

When is the last time you stopped to really look at a Buick? Prepare yourself to stare at a Buick longer than you ever have before.

(Hint: Bar Refaeli)

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Celebrities and Their First Cars

Brad Pitt - Buick

With fame often comes riches. Before fame struck for many of Hollywood’s elite however, life was not so glamorous, and so neither were the rides. Before Beamers Benzs and Bentleys, there were plenty of Buicks, Fords, and Dodges. Take a look at a few of these celebs first rides.

Chevy Nova

Johnny Depp – Chevy Nova

Before making it big on 21 Jump Street, Johnny Depp made the trek to Hollywood in a beat up old Chevy Nova. Rumor has it that he also lived in the car for a while as he struggled when he first broke into the business. Don’t feel too bad for him though, he now zips around town in a 1959 Corvette Roadster, the same one featured in 2011’s “The Rum Diary”.

Brad Pitt – 455 Buick Centurion

Before he was making headlines as part of “Brangelina”, Brad Pitt was driving around in his parent’s old 455 Buick Centurion; hardly a heartthrob’s ride. That was a lifetime and many blockbusters ago though. In recent years, he has been seen driving around in a BMW Hydrogen 7, Chevy Camaro SS, Lexus LS 460, Jeep Cherokee, Audi Q7, and a custom chopper.

1974 Ford XB Falcon

Eric Bana – 1974 Ford XB Falcon

Eric Bana purchased his first car when he was 15 for $1100, and still owns it. Though it’s no longer his daily drive, the car is very much still functioning, and is a celeb in its own right. Bana directed a 2009 documentary called Love The Beast, which documented his 25 year history with the car, which he now races. The documentary which also stars Jay Leno and Jeremy Clarkson is the second-highest grossing documentary in Australian history.

Mila Kunis – Ford Explorer

The Ukrainian-born star of That 70’s Show and Family Guy wasn’t always living the lavish life, but she wasn’t as destitute as some of the other stars on our list either. When Kunis turned 16, she was able to convince her parents to buy her a Ford Explorer for her first car. She still has a proclivity for SUVs apparently, as she has been spotted recently driving around in her Range Rover Overfinch. She’s also been seen in her Lexus SC 430 hardtop convertible.

1965 Ford Mustang Shelby

Jeremy Piven – Ford Mustang

Ari Gold only wore the best clothes, ate at the best restaurants, and drove the best cars. Jeremy Piven however, started from a very humble place. His first car was a ’65 Mustang. Piven had the car until a friend of his sold it while he was overseas studying. The friend who had been asked to take care of the car while the future star of Entourage was out of the country, apparently couldn’t handle the frequent moving violations he would receive while driving. Piven still loves classic Fords however, his most recent ride includes a redone ’77 Ford Bronco.

Hollywood is full of rags to riches stories, but what kind of cars do those who were famous BEFORE they drove buy when they come of age? Check back with Celebrity Cars Blog to find out.

Detroit and My Failed Attempt To Find Celebrities at NAIAS

Last week I got the privilege of going out to Detroit and to spend the time with various members from the General Motors team. This entailed visiting the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) where Chevrolet even won “Car of the Year” for the Chevrolet Volt (more to come on the Volt later), a tour of OnStar Command Center and some exclusive interviews with top GM employees.  Just as cool as meeting the people that are behind the scenes of GM like Chris Barger and Mary Henige I also got to make friends was some awesome bloggers like Jewel’s Fab Life, Stacey from The Mom Renewal Project, Miss Motor Mouth, Gary from The Garage Blog, and even this un-named really old guy who doesn’t really believe in the internet.

But enough about that for now, I was really hoping to see some snazzy celebs rubbing elbows with the OEM’s and introducing new cars. You see car shows like this and especially in Detroit are all about introducing the newest cars to the media and to the public. That said it’s not too uncommon for these car manufacturers to hire celebrities to introduce their cars.  But as luck would have it the two introductions that had celebrities attached to them were not introductions I attended.

Case and point, the introduction of the 2012 Civic Concept car was introduced by Pete Wentz.  The second one was some singer but since it wasn’t Justin Bieber I really didn’t care (seriously just kidding).


Stay tuned for more about my trip to Detroit and an invention I found that will save celebrity lives! cough cough OnStar

 2012 Civic Concept car introduced by Pete Wentzall

Solved The Mystery – Number 5 The Natural

If you recall there was a nice Caddy that we featured a few weeks ago that was for sale on eBay. It had a pretty cool custom trunk but was customized to the owner’s liking. Only bad thing was that we had no idea who the owner was. One guess was Brandon Roy but I vetoed that cause I went to school with Brandon and have an idea of what he’s driving. But as luck would have it “The Natural” is selling another car and this time they are telling us who he is.

Here is the sick Buick Electra he is selling on eBay with a similar trunk.

Solved The Mystery – Number 5 The Natural

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