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Flo Rida’s Chrome Bugatti Veyron

I don’t know what’s up with the chrome fad but it needs to go away.  We’ve seen it on Justin Bieber’s Fisker, Scott Disick‘s Audi R8 and now on Florida’s Bugatti Veyron.

Flo Rida Chrome Wrapped Bugatti Veyron

Florida Chrome Bugatti Veyron
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Roberto Carlos: Balling In A New Bugatti

Roberto Carlos must have had some extra cash laying around because the former Real Madrid footballer was recently spotted driving around in a new Bugatti Veyron. We really think David Beckham needs a Bugatti now – what do you think?

Roberto Carlos Bugatti Veyron

Thanks to alvaro for the tip!

Source: http://sportyou.es/diario/20120626/11/

Video: Samuel Eto’o In His Bugatti Veyron

Soccer star, Samuel Eto’o confirms that $29 million can get you just about anything you want — including this Bugatti Veyron. The color’s a little boring but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t drive it! With $29 million, who knows, maybe he has one in another color too.

Xzibit Gears Up For Gumball 3000 With A Bugatti Veyron

Xzibit recently tweeted these photos of his new matte white Bugatti Veyron. “#Gumball3000 getting ready to ride! #Napalm heavy.” Nice Rolls Royce in the background too.

Xzibit Bugatti Gumball
















Xzibit Bugatti
















Source: https://twitter.com/#!/xzibit/media/grid

Flo-Rida’s Bugatti

I follow all sorts of people on Facebook and I saw this pop across my feed.  Apparently Flo-Rida had his Bugatti wrapped.  I don’t know wether this was for a video or because he wanted a white Bugatti but apparently it turned out like shit and it’s going back to stock.  Word to the wise, if you need a supercar wrapped go see Northwest Auto Salon.

Photo from Nue Vue Photography

Video of Flo-Rida’s Bugatti in Beverly Hills.