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Britney’s Kids Dropped-Off in Dodge Ram SRT-10 aka Viper Truck

Britney Spear’s kids may to be too young to be celebs but here you can see they at least are rolling in style when daddy aka Kevin Federline’s body guard is dropping them off to mommy in a grey Dodge Ram SRT-10 with a Viper Engine. NOt to bad of a truck to be hauled around in!

Britney Spear's Dodge Ram SRT-10

The Dodge Ram SRT-10!

Photos hacked from X17 Online.

Britney Spears Trades in the CLK for a New Mercedes CL

Yep, that’s right. Out with the while Mercedes CLK Cabrio and with the hottest Mercedes available, the Mercedes CL. All I can say is it’s about time Britney. You are way to high-class to be driven a CLK and while I personally feel you should have a Bentley, maybe you are just a Mercedes gal. EIther way, we are hunting for pictures and as soon as any solid pics aside from the video of Britney running the red-light show up, we will share em!

Britney Spears' Mercedes CL

Britney Spears likes her CLK

Why the hell did Britney get another Mercedes CLK, and in white??? Britney, I don’t know what your banker is telling you, but you can afford more than a Mercedes CLK. Did you happen to notice the Mercedes CL, or have you heard of a Bentley Continental GT which comes in convertible, too?

Britney Spears' Mercedes-Benz CLK

Get rid of the new white Mercedes CLK!

britney's new car

Britney Spears Driving a Mini Cooper

Looks like the convertible Mercedes CLK was not cutting it for Britney Spears when she recently hopped out in a white convertible Mini Cooper. No word on why we have not seen Britney in her old Ferrari 360 Modena but she sure does look like she is enjoying herself in this car.

Britney Spears in her Convertible Mercedes CLK