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Britney Shops With Her Mercedes-Benz G550

Britney Spears was seen shopping with her boys in California with her white Mercedes-Benz G550. The last time we saw Brit here in CCB, she was sporting a dirty escalade. Now that she’s using her favorite car again, do you think she gives a rat’s ass about the maintenance of her car or is she just riding it out like the rest of the celebrities?

Britney Spears goes shopping in her Mercedes-Benz G550

Britney Took Son Out in an Escalade

Britney Spears came back from her long Hawaiian vacation and took her son Jayden out with her Escalade as dirty as her reputation. The singing mama was seen parked outside Johnny Rockets in Calabasas with an all-denim “white trash screaming” ensemble.

Britney Took Son Out in an Escalade

Britney in an Escalade

Britney Spears Steps out from a Mercedes G550 Looking FAB!

We are all used to Britney’s messy hair, cellulite and unpolished look, but when she stepped out of a gleaming black Mercedes G550 on her way to shoot for the hit TV series Glee, she looked somewhat presentable– like if she was your fiance, you would finally want your parents to meet her. If you ask me, this is the best she has ever looked in five years!

britney spears exits her hummer
Source: X17online

Britney Heads to the Studio with her Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon

The princess of pop is seen here riding shotgun in her white G500 as she heads off to the studio to practice for her appearance in the hit TV series Glee. If you look closely, you’ll see her knocked-up baby sister Jamie Lynn at the back seat!

Source: X17 Online

False: Britney did not buy a Hummer

Rumor’s have been swirling that after Britney’s latest fender bender that she went all out on a Hummer but this is false, that is only a toy of her sons!

Britney Spears aboard Toy Hummer