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Bradley Cooper Fills Up His G-Wagon

Cameras spotted Bradley Cooper making a pit stop to fill up his Mercedes G55 recently.

Source (Zimbio)

Bradley Cooper Looking Damn Confident Next To His Ducati 1199

When I think of movie star I usually think about what they drive but when I think of Bradley Cooper, nothing comes to mind.  In other words, he just doesn’t seem like a car guy to me.  But the fact is, we’ve seen him in a Mercedes G55, a Prius, and now on a Ducati 1199 which is beginning to change my opinion of Bradley’s “transportation” solutions, and I like that!

Bradley Cooper Ducati 1199

Bradley Cooper Ducati Motorcycle

Bradley Cooper Needs A New G63

Bradley Cooper drove around in his Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon this weekend and even though we love his style we think he needs the new G63!

Bradley Cooper G Wagon

Zoe Saldana Fills Up Bradley Cooper’s G-Wagon

Looks like Zoe Saldana left her Audi at home and took Bradley Cooper’s Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon out for the day. Zoe was spotted filling up her boyfriends G-Wagon recently but Bradley was no where to be seen.

Zoe Saldana Mercedes Benz G Wagon

















Zoe Saldana Mercedes Benz

Bradley Cooper: Casual Afternoon In The Prius

Bradley Cooper valeted his Toyota Prius in Los Angeles over the weekend before grabbing some lunch with friends. It really hurts to see this guy in a Prius but at least we know he has a G-Wagon too to even it out.

Bradley Cooper Toyota Prius