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Pink Gasses Up her BMW Wagon and Reveals her Tattoos

Pop rock diva Pink was seen gassing up her BMW wagon while she bends for the whole world to see her seductress thigh tattoos. Not because she wants to reveal her secret against cellulite, but because she thinks there is no harm exposing a permanent pair of bows behind her leg. As if that see-through dress is not provocative enough!  I think she could also use a service on the BMW and maybe some new BMW brake pads.

Pink Gasses Up her BMW Wagon

Alanis Morisette: You Oughtta Know—I’m Pregnant and I own a BMW

Award-winning recording artist Alanis Morisette looks like she’s too happy to be pregnant with that pretty hair and gleaming smile. You know a rock star is genuine when he or she knows how to choose a car, and that black BMW X5 is a mark of a true rockin’ diva!

Dirty Stephanie Pratt Picks Up Laundry in her BMW X5

Spencer Pratt’s sister (yes, the normal one) and The Hills star Stephanie Pratt was seen picking up her dry cleaning with a gorgeous white BMW X5. The glory of her car makes up for her uneven skin tone. Look at how tan her face and how white her legs are! She must have ran out of spray-on tan.

Stephanie Pratt Picks Up Laundry in her BMW X5

Kristin Cavallari Loves Parking Tickets

It seems like The Hills star and O.C. party girl Kristin Cavallari can’t get enough of parking her BMW 3 Series Coupe on the same spot for too long. She is again seen gathering another addition to her shrine of parking illiteracy to which, she probably never shows up to pay for.

I sure hope her manager is taking care of all these and trust me, I’m sure her manager understands the ROI on a ticket and some PR 😉 Now if she would just get a hot car!

kristin cavallari getting a parking ticket

Katy Perry Cruising in a Vintage BMW Top Down in New Music Video

The sultry pop star starts off her new music video “Teenage Dream” riding a dirty white BMW 1600 Cabriolet with her girlfriends. It’s the same car seen on the photo where scantily-clad women lay their sun-tanned bodies on, including Katy Perry who dances like a wild Cayote Ugly bartender around it. By seeing this photo, all men would probably want to own a Cabriolet, as long as the deal comes with a bunch of half naked women willing to take their tops off during long drives, and a world-famous sex symbol that can sing and dance around while in heavy traffic.

Katy Perry Cruising in a Vintage BMW