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Miley Cyrus’ 17th Car: A BMW

How many cars does Miley have.  And better yet, where are the Bentley’s?  She’s gotta have something nice right?

Miley Cyrus gives peace out while showing off her 17th car, a BMW.

Jessica Alba and Hubby Run Over a Pap in a BMW 5 Series

Jessica Alba and husband Cash Warren are the latest Hollywood stars to injure a paparazzi by running over a photo g’s foot with their BMW 5 Series. Unlike other d-bags (hello, Paris Hilton) who speed off after accidentally running one, Cash and Jess politely stepped out to give their information to the poor guy. Owning a stunning car comes with huge responsibility and the couple sure knows it!

Jessica Alba & Cash Warren in BMW 5 Series

Paparazzi Run Over By BMW 5 Series

Andrew Bynum Shows Off His BMW M6

I got to give it to Andrew Bynum.  I’d say he’s got good style and while the fenders are a little overboard, I’m digging it.

Daily Driver Investigation: Sebastian Vettel’s

If you are Sebastian Vettel you can drive what ever you want.  So how about a BMW 750i, Mercedes Benz SL-65 AMG Black Series.
Sebastian Vettel in a BMW 750i
Sebastian Vettel and a Mercedes Benz SL-65 AMG Black Series

Rachel Bilson Steps Out of A BMW X5

Rachel Bilson is finally seen in a different car aside from her Prius! The actress was seen trying to gracefully exit a black BMW X5 in front of a Christian Dior boutique in L.A. It just makes sense that if she’s going out for some luxury shopping, it better be in a car as luxurious!

Rachel Bilson BMW X5

Rachel Bilson BMW X5